Monday, September 29, 2014

Mexico July 2014

 Being at the airport so early was tough on the kids... ( and adults).
 Abagail, Brady and my first time on an airplane, Abagail got a little nervous at first but then squealed in delight once it started to take off. 

 In the taxi van on the way to the hotel! Lots of fun.
 Abagail found half of a coconut in the ocean. Had to take it back to the room. But maid service threw it away. Which made her sad.
 Eating lunch in the snack bar. This was right before Abagail threw up. Too much junk food I think!!

 We swam and swam between the pools and ocean. We were like fish! Always had to be in the water! Helped keep us cool too!

 Kids had to have Ice Cream after every meal!
Yes even breakfast! But I said sure!
We are on vacation!!!

 We rode the bus down into town to shop and see another beach!
We visited the little shops and got some good Popsicles.

 Had to pass time for our flight home. It was delayed! 
So we played took a few pictures 
and got some food.

 Abagail and grandma playing around!

It was such a blast! It was so nice that the kids got to meet grandpa Benjamin for the first time! 
They love him and cant wait for him to be home. 
We had lots of good food, the coca cola was so much better than in the USA. It was made from real sugar!! The ocean was fun, small waves so it was easy to play in. 
It was so beautiful there. Loved it and hope to go back again one day! 

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