Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Abagail Kenzie Boyce

Here she is! After waiting 9 months to
find out what this baby was
going to be she is finally here!
Abagail Kenzie Boyce!
6 lbz 13 oz
18 inches long
4:12 pm
June 8th 2009

She is so tiny and so loveable!
I am so glad that she is all mine!
( and Jareds too I guess )

She has dark brown hair that
has some tints of red in it!
The most of her hair
is in the back not on top!

We are so glad to have her in our family!
Makayla was so happy it was a girl
that when we called her to tell her she cried!
Brady is coming around. At first
he didnt know what was going on.
But now he climbs up next to us on the couch
and hold her and hugs her and kisses her.
He has even started playing with Makaylas
dolls just to have a baby of his own!
And of coarse she already has
Jared wrapped around her little finger!
We sure love her and feel soooo
blessed that we got choose to have her!