Monday, October 20, 2014

Birthday Party.

I got to go to my nieces birthday. Oaklie turned 3 this year, and I haven't seen her in a long time. 

 There was a huge bouncy house that the kids went CRAZY for!
 Food and cupcakes! 

Here is Oaklie! She is such a cute girl! And as you can see almost as big as Abagail who is 5! She was so much fun to play with. And Abagail said she has a new friend! Hopefully a friend she can see again sooner than later! 

Black Island Farms Halloween 2014.

We Love going to Black Island Farms in Syracuse! 
We go and stand in a long, long line to ride into the fields and get our pick of a pumpkin!

Here are the kids up on the hay stack!

 Driving on the tracker to get to the field! My mom, Jared, Lucas, Abagail, Brady, and Makayla (she is not seen right here) sitting in the middle. Matt, Ashley, Hatee and I sitting aroung the outside. 

It usually gets super cold. But seeing the kids have such a good time makes it worth it to me! 
And the hot chocolate afterwards was good too! 
A nice little tradition for the past couple years!