Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bathroom renovations!

Here it is... well the start of it. Thought I would show everyone what we are doing with our income taxes. First off getting rid of the hot tub, not a good thing for inside of a house. Plus we gain a ton more room for our family room! The person who did our house before we moved in didn't do anything correct. First off the shower has mold because of things not being sealed and second we removed a dumb box that served no propose and guess what we found? Carpet UNDER the tile! Hello!!!! Right I know! So I started the demo but as soon as the mold was discovered was kicked out and told that I cant help until that is all cleaned up cause my hubby doesn't want me to get sick especially when I am pregnant. So I get to take pictures and watch. Tomorrow I am going to Lowe's and picking out my new tile for the floor and shower and then Friday after work going to go and pick out a new color and new decorations! Towels and things like that cause it will be the nicest place in our house have to make it look that way. Then after we get the new bathroom done and everything set we can go order our new carpet! I am very excited about that! I have cream color carpet around my house and needles to say I have 2 kids. Yea it really isn't cream anymore! So Jared and I picked out a nice new dark brownish color to fit our growing family! I will post more pictures as we get more done!

One Year Down......

One year down. Man how time flys. It seems like it has only been just a few months, but yet here we are at your one birthday! You are walking and babbling and just not a baby anymore. Brady has been a very easy child, and besides getting ear infections when he teeths he hasn't had a lot of things happen! He is a very adventurous little boy and loves to explore and learn new things. We had a birthday party at my house for him, And I am so thankful for all those who could make it to that. It was a lot of fun. He got spoiled with gifts and cake! He didn't jump into his cake like other kids I have seen but I think he enjoyed it.