Thursday, September 18, 2008


So our family these days is doing great! Jared and I have been married for over 4 years, we have Makayla who's 4, and Brady who is 8 months! Jared got a promotion and is now doing surveying through his construction company, and that includes a company truck and of coarse a gas card! WOOT! Makayla is excited about starting school next year! She talks about it all the time! She says she is going to be 5 and walk to school all by herself. ( um no way ) Brady is growing like a weed! Been crawling since 6 months, and since 2 weeks after that pulling himself to stand and climbing stairs! Then a few weeks ago he started walking across the furniture, and today took a step! Fell down after that step but still! He is only 8 months, I try and tell him he is too little, but he doesn't listen. As for me I am still working as a pharmacy tech, but have decided to apply for Weber state and go back to school! I donno what i wanna do, but at least i wanna start! No clue on how to start or what to do! But am excited still the same. We are also trying to up our family one more, so there might be news hopefully soon! That's all for now!